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Help your Carpets Survive The Holiday Season With These Pro Tips

Jan 8

Help your Carpets Survive The Holiday Season With These Pro Tips

Now that we're well into the holiday season, we hope that you're enjoying this wonderful time of the year with your loved ones, family, and friends.

We are aware that you have a lot to do this time of the year. There are many tasks and things to do. But you must balance your time with the people and traditions which you love.


Chem-Dry is aware that deep cleaning tasks are often forgotten about in all the hustle and bustle. Arlington carpet cleaners are a great example of how we can help.


We invite you to take it easy, enjoy the season, and let us handle the task of cleaning, preserving, and protecting your carpets.


Protecting Carpets during Winter and Beyond


Carpets will experience a lot, especially during the holiday season.


The chances of soiling increase dramatically due to dirt, water, and moisture that has been tracked in on shoes. Additionally, holiday entertainment makes carpets more susceptible to spills.


Relax, but don't be stressed - ChemDry allows you to sit back and relax knowing that your carpets have been well looked after. Our goal, rather than worrying about carpet durability and spills, is to help you create memories.


We also make your home more comfortable for you, your family, and your guests.


Arlington Carpet Cleaning


We are honored and proud to serve as your partner in building and maintaining a happy, healthy home.


From our families to yours, we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season as well as a healthy and happy New Year.


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